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Mobile cold water pressure cleaners are specifically designed to solve all problems relating to washing in a wide range of commercial and industrial situations. Their main applications are in the cleaning, building, transport, light and heavy manufacturing and primary industries.



R33 000.00 incl VAT.

Single Phase

This cold water, high pressure cleaning unit consists of a pump & electric motor, electric switch box and control devices, all housed on a trolley.



R19 995.00 incl VAT.

Wall Mounted Unit

Wall Mounted Units

Frame Mounted Units

Mounted cold water pressure units are specifically designed to solve all problems relating to washing in car wash situations. Their main applications are in the car wash industries.



R33 000.00 incl VAT.

K352 Valet

This machine cleans your carpets all in one go. Fantastic on car seats for car valeting. Great for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning of chairs, settees, car seats. Easy and simple to use. Comes with a cast iron hand tool and carpet tool.



R23 000.00 incl VAT.

DT 70L

DT 30L

These units features an efficient and powerful motor providing great suction with a stainless steel drum. Suitable for use at workshop, garage, office and car wash. A very powerful steel vacuum cleaner comes with a hose, stainless steel wet & dry floor head, crevice tool & round brush.



30L – R2800.00 incl VAT.

70L – R3995.00 incl VAT.

KA 5000

200 Bar, 12L/m, 380V, Pressure gauge , Total stop device

Built-in professional unloader valve, Rotary switch

Adjustable detergent suction device from an external tank with filter

3 lt detergent tank, easily removed

15 m hose reel. Practical handle and stop device



R16 000.00 incl VAT.


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We have worked with Dream Team for over 8 years now and we are delighted with the work carried and service rendered to date.

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Our company (Auto Image Franchise Group) is one of leading Franchise entities within the Carwash Protection Centres Industry and our service delivery to our Clientele requires the highest grade of quality & safety at all times, which is what we have experienced with the Dream Team. They are responsible for the most important, critical components of the business operations regarding Pumps, Electric Motors, Spare Part, components and OEM approved Catalog spares & equipment together with planned scheduled shut downs to allow for effective work management and the maintenance of valuable assets. Dream Team understand the definition and the complexity around (PMLC) Plant Maintenance Life Cycles with the drive to optimal extend the Life Cycle of High Value of Assets. This ensures that Auto Image will achieve our targets & goals that was set regarding effective budgeting of Maintenance and Equipment to ensure we gain effective ROI (Return on Investment) figures based on the high standards that our company have set for ourselves regarding the most efficient partner delivering well within defined time limits. Auto Image Group highly recommend Dream Team and working with them as Service Delivery and Standby Partner based on their professionalism and Technical knowledge within the maintenance and service delivery Industry Market.

Bert Fourie

Auto Image Centre Franchise Group

The Carwash at Rietvlei Zoo has been using Dream Team for 3 years. Thank you to this wonderful team for your awesome service and ongoing support. God bless.


Carwash @ Rietvlei Zoo

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